The Songs We Sing - Man of Sorrows

Welcome to this new blog! Over the next few weeks/months, I will be looking at a variety of worship songs and hymns, and will be using them to help spark some thoughts. Today, we look at Man of Sorrows. (video link here - )

I find this song to be really helpful in focusing our minds on what Jesus went through for us on the cross. This worship song is a really good example of a song which is based on Scripture. Even the title! Isaiah 53:3 describes Jesus as a ‘man of sorrows, acquainted with deepest grief.” In fact, if you read the entirety of Isaiah 53, you find Scriptural basis for other parts of this song also. You can read Isaiah 53 here -

Verses one and two show us what Jesus went through for us – he was betrayed by his own [friend]; the sin of man and wrath of God was laid upon him; he had to stand and face accusations; he was beaten, mocked and scorned; and he had to wear a crown of thorns. These words remind us how terrible and brutal the punishment that Jesus received was. It is amazing for us to reflect upon the reason why Jesus went through with this for us.

Verse three tells us that Jesus was sent to ‘purchase and redeem’ and ‘reconcile the very ones who nailed him to that tree.’ It’s an incredible thought isn’t it that Jesus was dying for those people who had been so cruel and violent towards him. Jesus was so full of love and mercy that His death was for those people, as much as it was for you and I. Even before he died, Jesus said, ‘Father, forgive them, for they don’t know what they are doing.’ (Luke 23:34)

Then we come to the bridge which makes declarations about our debt being paid as a result of Jesus shedding his blood and how sin has no hold on us because who the Son sets free is free indeed. The latter is a direct quote from John 8:36. What wonderful thoughts for us to reflect upon – our debt is fully paid/canceled off because of Jesus’ death for us and we are totally and completely free. Sin has no hold on us!

The final verse is a wonderful reminder that Jesus’ death on the cross wasn’t the end. Instead, he came back from the dead. This verse reminds us that the tomb was empty! Jesus had risen from the grave! Death couldn’t keep Jesus down. He died, was laid to rest, and then came back. What a wonderful and miraculous act this was. I am reminded of the declaration made by a Roman officer when Jesus died. He said ‘This man truly was the Son of God!’ (Mark 15:39) Jesus truly was the Son of God. His death and subsequent resurrection show us this. I want to finish this post with the final words from verse four or our song – Hallelujah, God be praised! He’s risen from the grave! Amen.