Boureima and Susanna Diallo

NFCF is a church that has a heart for reaching others with the good new about Jesus and making disciples as He said. We aim to do that in the UK and overseas.

Currently we are supporting Elim missionaries Boureima and Susanna Diallo and the work at the mission centre. They are working predominantly in Burkina Faso which is Boureima’s home country, reaching his people the Fulani.

The Fulani are a nomadic people with a total population of about 40 million people spread across 19 countries in West Africa. To fulfil his vision, Boureima now travels quite widely throughout Africa training church planters among the Fulani but his central base is still in Burkina Faso.


Reclaiming the land

In 1998 Boureima came to study Theology at Moorlands College in Sopley. He later returned to Burkina Faso. On his return he began reaching out with the gospel in his locality and started a training centre for Fualni evangelists.

With the commencement of training the need for a centre became apparent and work began at the present site. Initially it was necessary to reclaim land and prevent further erosion which occurs in the rainy season. Stones were strategically laid and very soon soil erosion was stopped and new topsoil was trapped. This allowed plants to grow and further consolidate the land.

The area where the centre is was then fenced and at the same time the first well was drilled.

Multi Functional Building

The next infrastructure project was to build a multi functional building as a base for activities.

Pastor Ralph Preaching

All the while these developments were taking place souls were being reached with the gospel and churches planted.

Pastor Ralph and Terri visited for the first time in 2010 to hold teaching seminars at the centre.

Work Growing

The work has grown greatly since 2007 when Boureima first went back to Burkina Faso and Ralph visited the growing centre in September 2017.

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