"I was thinking" Part 4

In Mark’s gospel at 16:15, we read that Jesus sent His disciples into the whole world to preach the gospel to every creature. They started to do that and God worked with them confirming the message preached with miraculous signs to prove the gospel was true. Hebrews 2 says God added His evidence to support the spoken message of salvation by signs and wonders and various gifts of the Holy Spirit as He willed.

When the apostle Paul took the message he didn’t use clever words of man’s wisdom. What he did do was preach the simple good news of Christ crucified, backed up with demonstration of the Holy Spirit and power. In other words, his preaching was backed up with miracles from God as signs the message was true.

God gave witness to the truth.

Recently I saw a report of a church trying to get people in by using a helter-skelter. A helter-skelter is hardly a sign from God of His presence or of the truth of the gospel. People of course came to use the helter-skelter. One cleric reportedly said the helter-skelter was, “profoundly missional.”

I appreciate sincere desire to reach those who have not heard the good news. The church is to take the message and as we do so, for the sake of the listeners, I think that like the first disciples we need to preach Christ crucified and for God the Holy Spirit to back up what we preach with powerful miracles, signs and wonders.

God has promised never to leave us or forsake us, so that encourages me to seek God in prayer for the backing of the Holy Spirit in signs and wonders when we preach the message.

I was just thinking.