“I was thinking.” Part 2

I mentioned before that Jesus said, “I will build my church.” Since He is building His church we know what he builds will reflect Him. So His church, i.e. the one He is building, will be as He wants. Among other things Jesus is loving, kind, healing, fearless, forgiving, saving, truthful and holy. I would expect His church to display similar characteristics. So far so good.

Problems arise though when the church starts to build its own structures and moves away from what He is doing or when the church tries to build its own structure alongside His but without distinguishing which is which. The church can end up making itself in its own image and separate from Him. It can build whilst ignoring its Head.

Mankind has always made its own gods to bow down to. That was so despite God showing us how to worship Him. Isaiah 44 says it is ridiculous to make your own gods, yet we know it still happens. Out of one piece of wood some is used to cook with, whilst the remainder is used to carve an idol to bow down to. Crazy.

So here’s the dilemma. I was thinking about Jesus building His church and what it should be like when I read of a, “Bishop,” who recently said we should avoid calling God “he” since non-Christians might feel alienated. She said we need to watch our language.

Jo Wells, bishop of Dorking is reported to have said “The church should avoid calling God He.” This is because she sees the “tendency to use male language” as a “growing problem,” as “language use in general is becoming more gender balanced.” (The Telegraph). You can read the report here:  https://www.telegraph.co.uk/news/2018/09/16/church-england-should-avoid-calling-god-bishop-says/

Well, Jesus taught His church to pray, “Our Father.” Jesus is a man – “the Word became flesh.” Mary gave birth to a son. He was called Jesus. Emmanuel – “God with us.”

I was thinking, “Is the bishop by implication really saying, “Let’s change what the bible teaches, let’s make our own God.”

The man Christ Jesus is the Head of His church, the church He is building. I am part of that church.  So what of the Bishop’s church? Has Jesus changed?

We are duty bound to tell Christians and non-Christians the whole message, which should not be changed to keep anyone happy. The church needs to keep in step with what Jesus said, not adopt current changes in the use of language to try to be attractive to anyone. The church Jesus is building is very attractive to those who believe. It is an offence to those who do not.

However we express the message of the gospel, we are commissioned to keep it accurate.

I was just thinking.  - Blessings. RW-S